Insurance Coverage

Please be advised that the Florida Gulf Coast University Department of Athletics requires that ALL student-athletes have primary insurance coverage, to avoid significant out-of-pocket expenses, in the event of an injury, as a condition to participate in intercollegiate athletics.  The policy must have full network benefits that are payable in Florida and more specifically Southwest Florida.  It is also important to note that any lapse in primary health coverage can lead to prior injuries being classified as pre-existing conditions and thus may not be covered. Policies that have limited/restricted benefits are not acceptable.  Examples of those policies are:  out of state/area HMOs (with no provider network in Southwest Florida), ER services only, surgery services only, etc…  For those student-athletes covered by an HMO, with a primary care physician (PCP) assigned, it may be necessary to switch to a PCP in the Fort Myers area.  Failure to maintain acceptable insurance coverage throughout the entire academic year will result in the student-athlete being responsible for any/all charges incurred.

The Florida Gulf Coast University Department of Athletics’ secondary accidental medical policy is always secondary to the student’s primary insurance coverage.  It will cover deductibles and co-pays, up to $2,500.00 for the student-athlete’s primary insurance coverage, provided that they meet the specific policy terms and conditions.  These are normally reimbursed.  Claims are paid based on usual and customary charges so there is always the possibility that there can be a portion of the charges that will become the student-athlete’s responsibility.  This policy provides secondary accidental medical coverage for student-athletes, cheerleaders, athletic training students, student-coaches, and student-managers, for athletically related injuries only.  Athletically related injuries are those that occur during a University sanctioned intercollegiate athletic activity and under the direct supervision of a member of the FGCU coaching staff.  All charges must be filed with the student-athlete’s primary insurance carrier prior to being filed to the Florida Gulf Coast University Department of Athletics’ secondary accidental policy.  There are no exceptions!  Coverage is subject to specific policy terms and conditions and includes certain restrictions and exclusions

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Any changes in insurance and/or coverage must be reported to the Sports Medicine-Athletic Training staff immediately.
  Any injuries occurring, during any insurance lapse in coverage, will be the financial responsibility of the student-athlete.  For any changes, in insurance coverage after the start of the academic year, will require new insurance forms, available below, to be completed and signed.  Copies of the new insurance cards are also required.  Failure to comply will cause a delay in processing the claim and the possibility of the account being turned over to collection thus making it the responsibility of the student-athlete.

If you have any questions regarding insurance matters, please contact FGCU Assistant Athletic Trainer/Insurance Coordinator Brittany Loring at (239) 590-7095 office, (239) 590-7398 FAX, or through email at