Medical Eligibility and Insurance Coverage

Initial Medical Eligibility:

All student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics MUST complete, in all honesty, a comprehensive medical questionnaire and pass a physical examination provided by the FGCU Sports Medicine Staff. The team physician must grant approval before an athlete is permitted to participate in any athletic related physical activity. Outside physical exams will not be accepted. The team physician may re-examine and change the student-athlete’s eligibility status at any time.

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Pre-Existing Injury/Condition:

Any medical information that is omitted, false, or intentionally withheld from the FGCU Department of Athletics will result in the student-athlete and/or parents being financially responsible for any/all expenses incurred for any/all medical treatment for the injury/condition determined. All student-athletes will undergo an annual pre-participation physical exam performed by the FGCU team physicians. Any/all conditions found as a result of that exam and/or medical history will be documented. Neither the FGCU Department of Athletics, nor its secondary insurance carrier, will be financially responsible for any injury/condition that occurred outside of the student-athletes’ direct participation and/or eligibility in intercollegiate athletics at FGCU. FGCU student-athletes will be given the opportunity to sign a Pre-Existing Condition Waiver, if deemed appropriate by the FGCU Team Physician, which allows participation with their pre-existing condition. By signing the waiver they agree to all contents of the waiver without exception.

Reporting an Injury

Report injuries/illnesses immediately to your assigned athletic trainer. If your athletic trainer is not available, any staff athletic trainer will be happy to assist you and follow up with your athletic trainer. Accordingly, your respective coach will be notified in a timely fashion so practice and/or competition accommodations can be made. Any physician referrals will be made accordingly and insurance claims will be filed. Injuries that are not reported to the Sports Medicine Staff are not eligible to be filed to the FGCU Department of Athletics’ secondary insurance policy.

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