This award is the highest honor FGCU bestows upon a graduating senior student-athlete and recognizes the ability of the recipient to combine academic and athletic accomplishments with community service. From 2003-09, the award was given to the male and female student-athlete with the highest GPA. The award is now presented to one senior who shows a combination of excellence on the field and in the classroom.

Eagle Scholar Athlete Award
Year Recipient Sport
2014 Sarah Hansen Women's Basketball
2013 Eva Lehtonen Swimming & Diving
2012 Courtney Chihil Women's Basketball
  Adam Glick Men's Soccer
 2011 Victoria Hyddmark Swimming & Diving
 2010 Josh Chester  Baseball
 2010 Lauran Ziegler Softball


Eagle Scholar Athlete Award
Year Women's Recipient Sport Year Men's Recipient Sport
2009 Adrianne McNally Women's Basketball 2009 Adam Glick Men's Soccer
2008 Chelsea Dermyer Women's Basketball 2008 Rob Quaintance Men's Basketball
2007 Heather Van Olst Volleyball 2007 Beau Bauer Men's Basketball
2006 Eboni Halliburton Women's Basketball 2006 Beau Bauer Men's Basketball
2005 Ashley Cecil Softball 2005 Richard Stempnowski Men's Tennis
2004 Carolyn Johnstone Women's Cross Country 2004 Richard Stempnowski Men's Tennis
2003 Petya Jesse Yaneva Women's Tennis 2003 Adam Gary Men's Golf