2014-15 Eagles Club Flyer (PDF VERSION)

Night At The Nest Gala



What is the Eagles Club?

The Eagles Club is the official organization that supports Florida Gulf Coast University Athletics. Financial assistance from the membership helps to support our programs, build and maintain outstanding facilities, and fund scholarships. More than 250 talented student-athletes in 15 sports benefit from resources provided by the Eagles Club annually. In addition the Eagles Club membership provides members with opportunities to participate in exclusive social events, access to coaches and teams, as well as the intrinsic satisfaction of assisting so many quality young student-athletes.

FGCU Athletics Needs Your Financial Support

Donations to the Eagles Club provide additional resources in support of programs, coaches, and student-athletes during a time when FGCU Athletics is experiencing increased operational costs and budget cuts. By becoming a member, you can make a tangible difference in our quest for excellence in every area of competition. FGCU Athletic Programs are funded annually from contributions from the student body, ticket and sponsorship sales, and most importantly through private donations to the Eagles Club by generous supporters like you. 

Please help level the playing field and retain talented coaches by joining the Eagles Club today!