Off The Trail: A Week in the Life of a Cross Country Runner
Monday, October 19, 2009 | by Michael Pierce

FORT MYERS, Fla. – The FGCU men’s cross country team is off to one of its best starts in school history. Kyle Brunette, one of just two seniors on the squad, took some time this past week to record a journal of his daily activities. This is Kyle’s account of what it’s like to be a runner on the FGCU cross country team:

October 12

Woke up relieved knowing that I only had 5 miles so I would be able to run the majority with the team. Went out and ran a consistent 6:45 pace the whole time while we were a big pack. The afternoon run was stifling hot but at least it was just a regular run because I was too tired to run a workout, from my internship. Josh and I went out at a faster pace probably around 5:50 to 6 minute but then quickly realized our legs were dead and it was only a regular run not as you feel.

October 13

This morning Dick and I took off a bit early and went on a run for ourselves because everyone was taking too long. We were on what we called a schedule because we both didn’t have anything to do until later so we wanted to get the run finished with a good pace so we could nap before the day actually started. The afternoon workout was hot again with a limited breeze, we had to do 16x400meters. John and I traded off leading the 400s while running 60-70 seconds. After that workout I just ate and crashed real early, I was completely exhausted.

October 14

This morning my dorm decided to make it an iPod run because we both were just not feeling this morning run cause of the awesome workout last night. When I checked the schedule and saw 8 miles I was happy that at least I would have music when I would of pretty much be alone for this run.

October 15

This was another team run because for the first time this year there were no running groups just a team run for 5 miles with 4 easy strides at the end. It is nice running with the team cause runners always have the most interesting conversation when you get us together. Hey we are running 5 miles we need something to keep us mildly entertained.

October 16

Its race day so it’s time for our usual 2 mile shakeloose then an immediate nap after. Slept almost the whole time up to Stetson. The course was pretty much the same but it was a little bit overcast. Didn’t exactly feel the greatest during the race but John picked it up and did well for the team.

October 17

Ran a nice easy 7 miles back in my hometown Venice. It is nice doing runs back home because you get to realization just exactly how small it is. I ran from one side of town to the other and just had my friend drive me back home.

October 18

Another run back home but I decided to do loops through my home race course. Yep 5k’s still feel the same whether you are in college or not. It was nice just to be able to relax on it this time insteading of going full steam in a race.