FGCU Men's Soccer Lends a Hand to the Salvation Army
Monday, December 10, 2007

FORT MYERS, Fla. - The Florida Gulf Coast University men’s soccer team helped the Salvation Army set up their Christmas Cheer Toyland in Fort Myers on Tuesday, December 4.

The student-athletes and staff arrived at 8 am, planning to spend most of the day helping set up the Toyland. Bags upon bags of toys, dolls and stuffed animals were piled in the middle a Salvation Army warehouse, waiting to be sorted by gender and age. The FGCU players began searching through the bags, laughing at the memories they had over some familiar toys, and a few of them even found themselves distracted from their work because they were testing out some of the items!

“I couldn’t be happier about how this went,” says FGCU head men’s soccer coach Bob Butehorn. “The Salvation Army staff told me that it would have taken them about a week to sort the amount of toys our guys went through in less than two hours.”

The team was actually so efficient they had to leave early because there were no more toys to sort, and the next delivery wasn’t scheduled until the following morning. The team had a great time, and the Salvation Army was very appreciative for all the help.

Salvation Army-Thompson





Kyle Thompson shows off a pair of pink slippers.

Salvation Army-Levine




Matt Levine lends a hand