FGCU, Glick Focus on One Goal
Tuesday, September 20, 2011 | by Amy Farnum (NCAA.com)

Setting a solid foundation is the key to building anything, whether it is a skyscraper, house or even an athletic team.

When Bob Butehorn was handed the task of establishing a men’s soccer team from scratch five years ago at Florida Gulf Coast, he knew what kind of student-athletes it would take to mold and shape a successful program. They wouldn’t just have to be good players, but good people and conscientious students.

One of the keystones in that foundation Butehorn was building would turn out to be a little-known goalkeeper from Leola, Pa., by the name of Adam Glick. A friend of Butehorn’s spotted Glick, and said he had a lot of potential. Butehorn watched video of Glick, and began recruiting him, and realized he had the character and qualities the coaching staff was looking for as they launched a new program.